Project 01

Prolific Art Projects

Over the last year Drew Morrison has created a unique art project that lets the collector directly get involved in the creative process. Drew has created four large scale paintings, each painting consisting of four panels. Each panel measures 22" x 36", so each piece is a staggering 36" x 88". Each painting has an individual theme and is identified by a symbolic stamp created and designed by Drew. All four paintings are comprised of 16 total panels so the amount of time and dedication for a project of this magnitude is incredible. Drew wanted his collectors to get involved in the creative process. As if painting four pieces of this size wasn't hard enough he painted them so they can be interchanged by anyone to create a new unique piece of art. Any panel from the first column can be interchanged to create a new piece of art. The same holds true for column two, three and four, this creates over 1000 total possible combinations. Enjoy the creative experience Drew has created not only for himself but for the collector as well.

Print Serial Number- 1 1 1 1
Print Size - 18x36
Print Type - 225 GSM Archival Cold Press Paper
Hand Signed and Numbered By Drew Morrison. Each print will contain a unique series of custom designed stamps identifying the art created.
  • Signed and Numbered
  • Printed on Archival Cold Press Paper
  • Includes Custom Print Serial Number
  • Hand Stamped By Drew Morrison

  • Each print at Metro Orange is an exclusive piece of art produced under the supervision of the artist. Each piece is produced using museum quality inks and paper