About Us

Our mission is to promote, preserve and explore independent and creative artists while still providing uniquely curated art to our customers. Since opening our doors in 2007 as a resource for artists and collectors, our motto has been simple, "Everybody can collect and enjoy art". Every artist we collaborate with is a part of a cultural shift in this juxtaposition age. Art and all mediums for cultural expression, and the people behind them are part of a movement in art. Metro Orange has created a space online that lets collectors and artists be a part of something great. Something that lets the artist keep doing what they love while letting the collectors play a influential roll. Not only do we focus on established and emerging artist, we also focus on great collectable prints at incredible prices. As our economy and culture changes they way we view and buy art will also change. At Metro we will be bringing curated art, photography and vintage works along with a few special projects every year.

By email: info@MetroOrangeArt.com

By phone: 1-866-225-4038 (between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST)

Metro Orange Art Inc
53 E. Merrick Road #102
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